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In addition to its workshops, seminars and other events, the IMMA plays a critical role in disseminating information about the steel industry and its challenges, successes and concerns. For the public, the Association spreads information through the press and media; for the industry, it places articles in relevant journals and magazines; while, for its members, it produces regular reports on developments in the global and Indian steel industries.

IMMA's monthly and annual reports for members include information on raw material, production and consumption, global trade, shipping, pricing and forecasts, country reportage, policy developments, and economic parameters.

Safety is paramount : One of the main objectives of IMMA is to create a safer working environment for everyone involved in the steel industry. The Association is also at the forefront of negotiations with the relevant departments concerning mandatory certification of all steel products used in the country, irrespective of origin. The health and safety of consumer groups is of prime importance to IMMA.

Environment : Steel is 100 per cent recyclable, and thus environment friendly. In addition, IMMA is committed to reducing the industry's environmental impact, and reduction of the carbon footprint is a particular focus. An IMMA sub-committee deals with issues around enforcement of norms for energy efficiency, emission-intensity, safety, and waste recycling. Strengthening of a self-regulatory mechanism for effective compliance is a topic being taken up with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

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